TIDE – Template for travelling Interactive and Digital Exhibitions

European museums today must widen their audiences and reinvigorate public perceptions of their collections while they increase their ability to fund themselves. Travelling exhibitions, already successfully used in the United States more than in Europe, can help European museums respond to these challenges, particularly when combined with new technologies.Currently, travelling exhibitions based on European museum collections are rare. Intermediate-scale exhibitions (between 100 and 200 sqm) are especially undeveloped, despite their ability to satisfy significant demand for low-cost cultural content from non-museum venues such as malls, train stations, and airports, particularly outside Europe. Further, while museums in the United States already widely use relevant new technologies, they are not commonly used for travelling exhibitions either in Europe or overseas. The TIDE project - for Template for Travelling Interactive and Digital Exhibitions - aims to incorporate these new technologies in a prototype for successful future intermediate-scale travelling exhibitions. Because music exhibitions in particular are increasingly popular but are not yet widely offered, and because instruments provide sound and 3D presentation material in addition to a wealth of imagery, TIDE’s prototype exhibition will address a subject of widespread interest to the public: the guitar. TIDE’s guitar-focused prototype exhibition will draw from the complementary collections of Musée de la musique in Paris, Roskilde Museum in Denmark, and Museu de la Música in Barcelona, and will be first tested on the audiences of these museums. TIDE will achieve the following four objectives: to address museum content to a wider public; to conceive a museographic model that can be adapted to any type of instrument, or to other sets of suitable 3D objects; to provide a profitable business model for intermediary-scale travelling exhibitions; and to create skills and jobs in this cultural field.

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