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Call for proposal
« Ail Stars ln » OOD 2016 Ail Stars ln" OOD Europe Créative Culture Coopération à grande échelle

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Bulgarie

Secteur : Spectacle vivant - opéra

The working title of the proposal is "The Marriage of Figaro"

The project will present the classical work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "The Marriage of Figaro" in 3D Mapping for the first time on the Bulgarian stage in the National Theater "lvan Vazov". The idea is innovative and is realized for the first time in Bulgaria and will be then presented in other countries. The classical work of Mozart is in the foundation of the project, however, other activities aimed at promoting the opera art will be also carried out. Some of them are related to the use of modern multimedia techniques, exchange of experience among creators from different countries in terms of staging and participating in Mozart's operas. Through this objective approach, the project is aimed not only at the staging of "The Marriage of Figaro", but also at provoking professionals' interest - creators, performers, culture institutes. Young people are another target group that is not less important. The project relies on the following advantages and creative solutions:

- the innovative approach to opera supposes increased interest on behalf of the audience in Bulgaria which has currently seen such kind of performances only on TV or in other countries;

- the project relies on the high mobility of this kind of shows that are not encumbered with burdensome set and props, however, not losing anything of the exuberance and the impact of the classical performance.

- the performance's high quality will be guaranteed by the partnership among European countries that are leaders in the field of opera, such as Germany, ltaly, Austria.

- the use of one - up to three screens allows to flexibly adapt the performance on different-sized stages.

- the novelty of this project is the completely Spanish character of this production – an estate near Seville and characters that are not older than 30 years of age.

Contact :

Mrs. Oxana Shalamanova


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Aalborg Karneval (AAK), Denmark 2016 Aalborg Karneval Europe Créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Denmark

Secteur : Spectacle vivant



The project

The main aim of the project is creating financial sustainable open public events throughout Europe, by examining and exploring new business models and revenue sources. The collaboration between trustworthy and experienced partners from all over Europe will create the foundation to make economic sustainable open public events in Europe that are able to generate revenue outside the public funding. The project results in an online toolbox developed to help organizers of large public events. The toolbox will be a catalogue for everyone to use as a guideline to implement new business models and it will act as a step-by-step guide, including direct contacts to people and organizations who have already implemented these solutions.

We are searching for:

Organizations that arranges large public events (+10.000 participants and spectators). Each partner should be able to attend seminars arranged and held in some of the partner’s home cities as well as implementing new business models and revenue generating income models for their own event.

Kresten Thomsen

T: +45 25757913



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Archipelago Aganta Kairos 2016 Eolie Songe (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Hauts-de-France

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Arts, Science and society / Arts, Sciences et Société

Short description Créée en 1999, la compagnie Eolie Songe coproduit les créations du metteur en scène Thierry Poquet en s’associant à des structures partenaires (centres dramatiques, scènes nationales, festivals, ensembles de musiques contemporaines, etc.). Thierry Poquet développe au sein d’Eolie Songe un projet multidisciplinaire, influencé par les nouvelles écritures de l’image et du son. En complicité avec des compositeurs contemporains, il tisse aux musiques instrumentales et électroacoustiques des récits de vie, des textes d’auteurs de théâtre ou encore de poètes.

Par ailleurs la compagnie initie des actions culturelles innovantes. En 2012 et 2013 la compagnie a réalisé un nouveau chantier festif aboutissant sur un spectacle participatif qui a réuni 120 habitants de Lille Sud à l’occasion de la préfiguration de l’inauguration du Grand Sud : Le Grand Sud invite son quartier. En 2015, Eolie Songe réitère un projet d’action culturelle territoriale de grande ampleur avec Outremonde, un spectacle participatif inter quartiers qui aura lieu au Grand Sud les 15, 16 et 17 janvier 2016.

Éolie Songe développe également des projets de coopération. De 2007 à 2013 dans le cadre de la coopération entre la région Nord – Pas de Calais et la région du Doukkala Abda au Maroc, Thierry Poquet a mené avec des artistes collaborateurs, plusieurs actions de développement autour du théâtre, du cirque et de la vidéo. En 2014, Thierry Poquet initie un nouveau projet de coopération internationale avec le Brésil dans la ville de Belo Horizonte / Etat du Minas Gérais via une bourse de mobilité du Conseil régional Nord-Pas de Calais.

Parallèlement, il poursuit la création d’un nouveau projet art et science avec Laurent Mulot intitulé Aganta Kairos autour du Neutrino dont la création a démarrée en 2014 avec une résidence au Grand Sud et une étape de travail présentée à la Gare Saint Sauveur. Le projet, porté par un dispositif d’action culturelle nommé Archipel, est en plein développement.


Contact details Thierry POQUET (artistic director)

mob. + (33) 6 71 87 27 77

Timothée LESCOT (administration)

mob. + (33) 6 71 87 25 66

+ (33) 3 20 32 12 02


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ART BASICS for CHILDREN (ABC) 2016 ART BASICS for CHILDREN (ABC) (Belgium) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Belgium / Belgique

Secteur : Creation / Création

Key words: children, music, education

How do image and music influence each other, how do they enhance one another, how do we get color in music and sound in the image? These are just a few questions that we explore playfully in the mobile studio, ‘Visual Music’.

‘Visual Music’ is an umbrella term that covers a lot of ground:

The original definition claims it is the, 'translation of music into paintings'. But Visual Music also covers:

the use of musical structures in visual images

methods that convert sounds / music into related visual presentations

systems that instantly convert sounds / music to visual forms (film, video, computer graphics) by means of mechanical instruments or a computer; the reverse process is also possible, namely converting forms to music.

The interactive ABC-studio for Visual Music invites children, families and art lovers of all ages to an artistic cross-over experience between music and painting, film, architecture and the daily life. Listening to Kandinsky, Klee or Matisse in the visual music-gallery, making rhythmic toys and instruments in the atelier, painting and drawing music or just enjoying musical storytelling in the concert-café… A foley-station offers lots of materials to create your own filmmusic/soundtrack, and our lab stimulates to experiment and play with sound-sculptures and visual acoustics.

A swinging adventure to open eyes, ears and hearts with the visual sound of music.

Target Audiences:

Families: for children 5 years old and above, and their families

Schools: for all classes of primary and secondary school

Mediators such as (future) teachers/youth- and social-cultural workers/music teachers, musicians & artists

Students in music/film/graphics/sculpture…

 Formula/set design:

The ABC crew can construct the mobile studio (minimum 120 m2) in one day.

ABC will bring the necessary and pre-constructed furniture for the Visual Music set up..

Artistic exchange/platform:

Studio Visual Music also wants to present audio-visual installations, kinetic or tonal sculptures, meta-mechanical works, action or sonore sculptures… of local and/or national artists of the different partners involved in this project. In this sense we shape the content a bit differently each time according to local/national dynamics, while keeping with the same structure and spirit.

Training: Course for and exchange with attendants

An ABC head guide provides a two-day training course (minimum) for local attendants (in English, French or German): i.e. introductions to all the different materials and the innumerable possibilities of how to engage children with them.

An exchange of ideas with the partner regarding the content/materials is one of the main objectives.


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ARTEMREDE (Archivé) 2016 ARTEMREDE (Portugal) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Cross sectoral / Trans sectoriel Support to integration refugees / Soutien à l'intégration des réfugiés

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Portugal / Portugal

Secteur : Performing arts / Spectacle vivant

The Portuguese cultural network ARTEMREDE is interested in becoming a partner in the current open call for Refugee Integration Projects 2016 in the framework of the Creative Europe programme. ARTEMREDE is a network of 14 theatres of 14 different cities in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, ranging from small-sized cities with one municipal public theatre to metropolitan Lisbon.

Contacts :
Vânia Rodrigues - Assessora Estratégica / Strategy Advisor

Palácio João Afonso
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 4 R/C
2000-080 Santarém // Portugal
(+351) 243 322 050 // (+351) 243 321 878

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Association Global Warming 2016 Association Global Warming - France Europe Créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Ile-de-France

Pays : France

Secteur : street art, musique

Created in 1994, Global Warming is a non-profit Association based in Paris whose goal is to promote young artists. Its mission is to create artistic happenings and workshops. The main objective being to create harmonious networks and fusions between different forms of artistic expression; to unite under one roof disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, music (from electronic to opera), dance, theatre, film, fashion, Street Art…

Our speciality is to create pluri-disciplinary and multi-cultural

exchanges with European and International artists coming from all

horizons. GW leans towards eclecticism with actions of cooperation

and trans-mobility supporting good causes. GW has developed a rich experience over the last 20 years having already produced 8 multi-cultural and pluri-disciplinary festivals and organised over 100 events.

In 2011, Métiss'age Street Festival was part of the EU Culture      Programme and took place between Paris, London and Rome exploring the theme "Life in the City". The project was very successful and our ambition is to continue the adventure in other countries.

Global Warming's role will be to coordinate the overall action between the two co-organisers.

We have one partner in Budapest in Hungary and had another in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; who sadly has had to terminate their activities due to the poor economical climate.

It is for this reason that we are seeking a new partner.

Fiona COE, President/

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Association of Citizens « Brewery Museum Georg Weifert – Serbie 2017 Association of citizens "Brewery Museum Georg Weifert Europe Créative Coopération à petite échelle Culture

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Serbie

Secteur : Patrimoine

We are citizens association founded in April 2015 in Pancevo, in order to work on the renovation of material and spiritual heritage of the personality of great importance for Serbian history, Georg Weifert. Our head office is exactly in the Weifert Old Brewery, the oldest brewery in the Balkans, founded in the year 1722, which represents a cultural monument of great importance. With the aim of preserving the tradition of brewing beer, long nearly 300 years, we established a mini brewery, where in authentic surroundings of the Old Weifert Brewery, by the old, original recipes produces beer at crafts method. This year we were honored that His Excellency Mr. Dittmann Axell ambassador of Germany in Serbia has officially opened a museum of brewing. On January 12, along with the cultural and artistic society Sandor Petefi, we have celebrated the day of establishment of the Weifert Old Brewery. On this occasion, the Ambassador of Hungary in Serbia, His Excellency Mr. Attila Pinter c ooked th e beer and so continued humanitarian action “Beer brings us together”. The action began HE Mr. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador in Serbia.

The main advantage is the complex of the Old Weifert's brewery which is founded in 1722 and represents a cultural monument of great importance and the oldest brewery in the Balkan, which is situated in the heart of Pančevo. Because of the concept which is unique and covers an area of 12000 square meters, it is an inspiration to for artists from different fields and involves a set of activities. Consequently, this project is self-sustainable.
Action: creative history and art workshops – to enhance cooperation and contacts between people of different origins, to encourage creativity, and provide a driving force for cultural innovation and economic development, based on heritage, tradition and tourism.
Creative history and art workshop would represent international cultural center- a gathering place for artists, scientists, foreign and local tourists, cyclists, companies, schools, cultural stakeholders, place for scientific conferences and creative workshops.

Mirela Flora
+38163/88 25 355
+38113/344 233

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Association ON/OFF 2016 Association ON/OFF Europe créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Pologne

Secteur : spectacle vivant

Association ON/OFF (formerly Association of Social Initiatives „Aktywni”) was established in 2005.

Association is created by group of people, full of passion and energy in various disciplines such as: culture, art, education, social and civil participation.

Our mission is to promote a culture, cultural education and support artists in their artistic research.

Association organises projects independent or in cooperation with another organisations, institutions or artists mostly in Silesian Region but also in another Polish cities and villages- places with limited access to culture.

Plans Association is the inclusion in international theatre, dance and cultural projects, as well as participation in projects for the exchange of actors and coproduction performances and events. Association would like to establish cooperation with Institutions, NGOs and independent artistic groups from other countries in relation to the performing arts.

Contact :

Aleksandra Bednarz

605 888 699

Zapolskiej 5/23, Tychy

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Ayuntamiento de Cartagena – Espagne 2016 Ayuntamiento de Cartagena Europe Créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Espagne

Secteur : Patrimoine, tourisme

City of the Mediterranean Spanish with 2000,000 in habits, tourist city with a high component of historic heritage which is in the process of recovery of the roman legacy, The roman theater is excavated and the roman forum excavations which allow areas that can be visited and is projecting the beginnings of the excavation of the amphitheater :

-establish a European an exchange on the roman amphitheaters.

Design educational content and teaching it at Europe an level on

application of digitalization techniques in archaeological sities and

archaeological excavations methodologies

promoting cultural volunteering and cooperation of young students

Contact :

Jose maria bernal palacios,

mobile no - +34 638268504



-enlargement of few new cities with amphitheater Romano in the area

of dissemination of the project

European archaeological excavation s via online methodologies and course attendance

course Europe on digitalizaction of archaeological sites

Exchange of cultural volunteering for annual archaeological excavations

European seminar of experts in management of the amphitheaters

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Ballet National de Marseille 2016 Ballet National de Marseille (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Performing arts / Spectacle vivant

This project offers an innovative approach that will allow especially young audiences a collaborative way to discover artistic stage work and it will give artistes and creators the possibly to enlarge their audience base. Our ambition is to create a link between the very popular everyday digital consumption of children and link them to real world participative experiences and performances. We wish to create a digital toolkit that would be an app or a videogame designed for students aged 10-11 years old. This digital toolkit will let them discover the performing art/ dance world. The interdisciplinary concept of the project will allow fusing high-end digital solutions with hand crafted physical experiences.

We're looking for partners :

• Countries : from Eastern Europe / South Europe

• Profile:

Dance companies

Digital technologies companies

Department of education of various universities


Contact : Emmanuelle Ramondetti +33 (0)4 91 32 72 85

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BROTHERS LIONHEART 2016 Sladovna o.p.s. (Czech Republic) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Czech Republic / République Tchèque

Secteur : Cross sectoral / Trans sectoriel

Exhibition enabling children to live the great story of an adventure and love to be the heroes of their age

 It is a play exhibition based on the well known children book written by Astrid Lindgren intended to children of every age as well as to their parents.

It use the diffrerent artistic means as design, new media, theatre and storytelling to interact with the audience and enables go through the story and its emotions.

The main password of the project will be PLAYFULNESS – EXPERIENCE – NEW APPROACHES TO AUDIENCE but the project will have as well as an educational approach as it will generate the innovative lecturers´- and accompanying programmes for schools.

The project gives an opportunity to share and exchange the professional experience on the international level as well as on the level of different artistic and creative fields.

The project should last from May 2017 till May 2019, the estimated total budget should be 330 000 EUR split between 3 partners from 3 European countries, we are looking for one more partner at least. The leading partner and iniciator of the project is Sladovna in Pisek, South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Curator and main artistic author of the concept is Sandra Goos, dutch designer and artist, working in Amsterdam, Holland. The pilot exhibition Lionheart Brothers is planned for Sladovna, the minimum extent of the exhibition space should be 900 square metres, the expected number of visitors in Czech Republic is 25 000 people during the 4 months period, from which 25% should be schoolchildren. Than, there are two Italian organisations on the board, TPO - Florentian theatre for children and Explora – a gallery in Rome. The exhibitin should travel between the partner organisation.

Contacts :

Tereza Dobiasova - Director of the Sladovna gallery and initiator of the project

Michala Piskacova - project coordinator

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Centre Culturel Ukrainien en Estonie 2016 Centre Culturel Ukrainien en Estonie (Estonia) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Estonia / Estonie

Secteur : Patrimoine / Heritage

The Ukrainian Culture Centre (UKK) is a non-governmental, non-profit cultural organization located in the historic centre (Old Town) of Tallinn the capital of Estonia in the artistic Latin Quarters. The culture centre promotes monastic arts and in its activities aims to combine protection of nature with creating with its own hands. Besides the activities related to promoting Ukrainian culture (library, museum, school) the culture centre has a wide field of action starting from organizing calligraphy courses on the culture centre's premises, poetry and fairy-tale evenings at the Grusbeke Tower, workshops of paper production and carpentry to housing permanent as well as rotating exhibitions of works of different artists from various countries. The Centre also hosts folk music concerts.

Description Nowadays, introduction to endangered species is not reflected in an attractive way which could be directed towards wide target groups. Most European countries have books were selected endangered species are listed, but there are basically no sources which could turn people’s attention to the subject in a more engaging and absorbing way. What could there possibly be in common between protecting nature, literature and old forgotten crafts? Perhaps more than might be revealed at first glance as they all demand attention and concentration in a fragmented and accelerating world – they demand that we make room for the subtle and unique at the expense of the aggressive and superficial. When these fields are intertwined, a new discipline can be born. It is like a nature preserve – but not a real one since it can be found only in the human spirit rather than in the forest.

“Poetics of the Endangered Species” is an illustrated poetry book executed in collaboration of poets and artists from different countries and various fields of art. In that book poetry and natural sciences as well as fine arts come together to convey a message to people from species that are gradually disappearing from nature around us. Project aims at directing people's attention to vulnerability of nature and the importance of protecting nature and its living creatures. Therefore we would encourage our potential partners to work together with Museums of Natural History or organizations with scientific competence in the field of nature in each participating country to unite the artistic aspect with the one of scientific.

Books for each country will be hand-made starting from paper production and artistic works up to book binding and leather craft. Poets, calligraphers, graphic artists, icon painters, experts of paper production, bookbinders and masters of leather craft all work together in order to create this unique set of books for the project area and for each separate participating country. In the course of this project during introductory seminar creators of various arts will participate in workshops and consultations regarding the input to this project which will manifest at the end of the project through works of art being created and demonstrated in exhibitions and promoted through seminars and conference. During the course of the project open workshops and masterclasses for wider audiences will be organized in each project country.

On the basis of the original book printed versions will be compiled, which will go on sale in each participating country. Books will also be divided between participants, which are free items of non-commercial aim for distributing to libraries, schools and other cultural institutions. Apart from this, scanned versions of the original books will be available on-line at the project website.

Potential beneficiaries of the project are libraries, universities, cultural centers and organizations, embassies, which can use the results of this project. Besides people interested in handcraft and nature, also elementary schools, hobby schools etc benefit from the results of the project through the possibility to use the books created as teaching materials in literature, art and biology classes. The latter mentioned possibility illustrates long-term impact of the project as the results of the project can be exploited in the future after the project itself has ended.

Contact :

Mari Köhler, project manager at UKK

GSM: +372 53 402 494


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Centrul Cultural “Dunărea de Jos” Galați 2016 Centrul Cultural “Dunărea de Jos” Galați Europe créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Roumanie

Secteur : patrimoine, arts, audiovisuel...

Dunarea de Jos” Cultural Center is a cultural organization operating under the County Council of Galati authority. Its activity is outlined by several priorities raised as permanent objectives, namely :

  • The promotion of art and culture, of authenticity and quality of cultural acts in all social environments;
  • Restoration, preservation and promotion of Romanian folk traditions and crafts;
  • Preserving cultural traditions and supporting cultural performance of ethnic groups living in the county;
  • Artistic skills development through theoretical and practical training programmes;
  • Working alongside Cultural Center’s partners, toward development of a dynamic cultural climate, favoring cultural and artistic recognition of the city and the county at euro regional and international levels;

The cultural strategies have had and will result in the strengthening of the role and mission undertaken by „Dunarea de Jos” Cultural Center.

The organization includes several divisions, such as: Art School, Folk Ensemble „Doina Covurluiului”, „Valurile Dunării” Fanfare, „Dunărea de Jos” - Publishing House and Cultural Magazine, Department of Folk Tradition Research and Preservation, „Petru Caraman” Museum of Village, Galati County Fishing Zone Museum.

The most important annual events organized by the Cultural Centre „Lower Danube” are:

  • Film Festival „Modern Movie”
  • International Festival if Fanfare and Wind Orchestra „Iosif Ivanovici”
  • International Folk Festival „Doina Covurluiului”
  • Pop Music Festival for Children „Ceata lui Pitigoi” (Blue Tit’s Troop)
  • Folk Music Festival for Children „Perla Dunarii” (Danube’s Pearl)
  • Festival „Ca la noi la Covurlui” (As in our Covurlui)
  • Visual Arts Contest „Nicolae Mantu”
  • Christmas and New Year Folk Tradition and Customs Festival „Tudor Pamfile”

Contact :



Tel: +40 236 418400

Fax: +40 236 415590

Str.Domneasca Nr.61, postal code: 800008

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Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód – Pologne 2017 Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód Europe Créative Coopération à petite échelle Culture

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Pologne

Secteur : Danse, théâtre, musique et audiovisuel

Short description . The scope of the Organisation activities include:

·         organising cultural and art events in the field of music, dance, visual arts, theatre, film, performing art and entertainment;

·         publishing,

·         organising art exhibitions,

·         audio and video recording,

·         organising popular scientific conferences, symposiums and seminars,

·         organising training courses, art classes and workshops,

·         organising festivals, reviews, competitions,

·         cultural education and dissemination of culture,

·         promotion of new artistic phenomena,

·         supporting the development of young artists,

·         leading amateur bands and art groups,

·         creating conditions for conducting creative activities,

·         exchange of experiences between artists and cultural centres,

·         implementation of cultural projects of a social nature,

·         promoting, developing the idea of ​​volunteering,

·         production and distribution of films, audio-visual recordings; multimedia presentations and advertising materials;

·         sale of artworks,

·         action to develop and meet the cultural needs of the residents;

·         running a cinema


Field(s) Film literacy, Festival, Literature, Music, Interdisciplinary projects, Audience development, Performative arts, Visual arts, Dance, Theatre


Description  The project  involves a number of joint artistic activities, among others, workshops, movies, dance, theater, whose main objective is the integration and social animation  children, youth, adults and disabled people from different countries.

By participating in free artistic workshops, including dance, theater, film and music, children and young people from different countries will be able to deepen, develop their cognitive sensitivity, creative thinking and imagination.

We wants to be a partner in a project.

Contact details

Dąbrówka Petrow

Chociebuska 4-6





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CIRCOSTRADA – European Network for Circus and Street Arts 2016 Circostrada (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Réseau / Network

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Ile-de-France

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Street art, circus

Circostrada Network is a platform to meet, exchange, and develop projects, an international forum to meet and reflect on the sustainable development of circus and street arts in a global environment; a network engaged in a continuous dialogue through tailored projects and meetings with public policy makers, umbrella organisations for training and education and other sectors and disciplines; a laboratory to explore new topics, representative of the evolution of our fields in a changing environment; and a virtual European resource centre, concerned with online publications and the dissemination of news, accessible to all and a network engaged in international cooperation.

Marion Marchand , communication and production for Circostrada Network

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CoopCulture 2016 CoopCulture (Italia) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Italy / Italie

Secteur : Heritage / Cultural activities

CoopCulture is a cooperative operating in the heritage and cultural activities sector in Italy.

CoopCulture is a qualified partner positioned to offer answers and solutions to the increasingly complex needs of a continuously evolving sector, from the perspective of integration between cultural heritage and territory and between culture, tourism and local economy.

With the intention of bringing diverse audiences closer to art, it has developed user paths differentiated by language and method, taking advantage of the potentials offered by new technologies and paying special attention to local communities in all of their aspects, families, young people, children, the elderly and immigrant communities.

This projects start from the observation that cooperatives have shown resilience to the financial and economic crisis that affected Europe in the last 10 years. It still has potential growth and it could be one of the best solutions for an effective and inclusive management model of the cultural heritage. In fact, its values and principles are self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. What European culture needs for its development.

1 - Mapping and comparative and benchmarking analysis of existing successful business and management models financing mechanisms and governance arrangements of cultural heritage in Europe (public management, public-private partnerships, subcontracting etc)

2 - Analysis of the cooperative system, its capability to face the economic and financial crisis, different type of cooperatives in Europe dealing with culture and tourism; Analysis of the European Cooperative Society and how to amend it in order to better fit the needs of the cooperatives’ system.

3 - Setting up of a directory / database of EU cooperatives operating in culture and tourism in order to promote and facilitate exchange of best practices, sharing of experiences, transnational cooperation, lobbying. This ICT platform should be based on the experience carried out by Coopculture with the ART PLANNER;

4 - Study visits and mobility (based on the experience of the Cooproute project) of cultural operators working in cultural cooperatives aimed at boosting transnational partnerships and joint projects and the setting up of a project pipeline;

5 - Development and validation of a cooperative model for cultural and tourist development aimed at enhancing cultural heritage and typical products;

6 - Pilot actions for the creation of “cultural incubators” and to test innovative models based on “community cooperatives” and citizen’s participation in order to increase cultural audience and tourist attractiveness of selected territories.

7 - Training to cultural operators on EU funds for culture.

Contact :

Ms. Paola Autore, project manager

Marco Marinuzzi, advisor for EU/international projects

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Design Your Summer – Summer of Design 2016 Industrial Foundation Europe créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Pologne

Secteur : Design

Industrial Foundation is a think tank, which was set up in 2007 in Poland. Our mission is to promote an open society, liberal economic ideas and liberal culture. We publish an expert, social-political magazine Liberté! as well as we run cultural center in the city of Lodz "6 Dzielnica" (6th District). It is a place of civic debates, conferences, artistic events, exhibitions and concertes.

"Design Your Summer - Summer of Design" is a summer part of a new permanent project of our Foundation - Design Center (Tuwima 17 Street, Lodz, Poland), which will focus on craft and design, trying to reshape public space and to develop a new audience.

installations, giving performances and performing other activities in order to reshape public space and make it more friendly for its potential users, in the same time attracting and developing new audience.

We hope that thanks to the funds obtained we will be able to cover the costs of stay and transportation within the project as well as to finance the materials needed for the work and give the project wide coverage in the local and national media.

Our main goal is to bring closer to the Polish audience the richness of European modern art and design as well as presenting regional craft from UE countries reflected more and more often in the works of contemporary artists. Therefore, we are looking forward to be able to cooperate with the representatives of the world of craft, design and art from the European Union strengthening regional identity, getting to know each other better, working together and learning one from the other. We believe that our common heritage will work as a platform in order to both enrich our cultural diversity and will lead to establishing common cultural productions in the future. We hope that our project will capture media wide attention and will be repeated annually.

Partners searched

Designers and cultural institutions related to the topic of designing and craft, ready to take an active part in summer project delivering exhibitions, workshops, organizing artistic installations, giving performances and performing other activities in order to reshape public space and make it more friendly for its potential users, in the same time attracting and developing new audience.

Contact :

Magdalena Melnyk

+48 660 763 024

Piotrkowska Street 102, 90-004 Lodz, Poland

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Draw the Line: European Artists against Hate Speech 2016 Beletrina Academic Press (Slovenia) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Slovenia / Slovénie

Secteur : Visual Arts, Literature

Cultural operator's description :

Since its foundation in 1996, Beletrina Academic Press has become an important, internationally renowned Slovenian publishing house and cultural institution. With its literary programme and two international festivals – Days of Poetry and Wine and World Literatures – Fabula – it represents a central meeting point and source of literary life in Slovenia and Europe. In addition to that, Beletrina organizes cultural actions, literary schools, artists’ residencies and projects targeting people with disabilities. Beletrina has vast experience with projects supported by the European Union. In 2014, it was awarded the grant for the pan-European project Versopolis


Project's description :

Beletrina Academic Press in collaboration with UGM Maribor Art Gallery is pleased to welcome partners for the European project titled Draw the Line: European Artists against Hate Speech. The project will tackle the sensitive yet urgent issue of hate speech through the language of contemporary art. In the context of month-long residencies in partner countries visual artists and writers will create art works (public space installations and essays) as a response to concrete examples of hate speech. Their work will be published in an anthology and presented in all partner states. The target audience of the project is the youth including young people from underrepresented groups who will be actively involved in the project through a variety of activities.


Partners currently involved in the project :

- UGM Maribor Art gallery, Slovenia

- The City Culture Institute, Poland

- Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien, Austria


We're looking for partners :

Countries : any european country

Profile : Visual arts


Previous Creative Europe or Culture (2007–2013) programme experience :

> 2014 ̶ 31.11.2017: European Platform Versopolis, presently including 13 partners - as lead partner

> 12.2014 ̶ 14.12.2018: Project ELit Literaturehouse Europe, project with 7 partners  ̶ as partner

> 30.12.2014 – 29.12. 2017: Beletrina 2015 – Stories that can Change the World – translation programme


Are you interested in participating in other EU projects?YES


ContactMiljana Cunta

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Espace 36 2016 Espace 36 (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Creation / Création

Place of creation and promotion of contemporary art, espace 36 is an art center and association aiming at audience engagement. Its primary objective is to provide concrete support to the creation of contemporary art and it focus on raising public awareness. Saint-Omer, north of France.


Field :

Helping teenagers refugees socialise and express themselves by visual arts


Description :

Professionals artists in photographie and vidéo will conduct participative worshops. The relationship between artists and refugees in creating will induce a reflection on the creation itself and the artistic forms that result. Creative works by the refugees will be enhanced in exhibitions, to approach the migration issue more positively and creatively.


We're looking for partners :


• Countries :

« new european countries» / Eastern country


• Profile :

Contemporary Art structure / Refugees help and assist structure.

Abilities to organise and welcoming artist in residency and exhibition. Abilities to provide relationship with teenagers refugees, organise and welcoming workshop.


Contact :  Benoit Warzée

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EU Festivals Live 2016 La Compagnie TransAtlantique (France) & ICS (Sweden) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Ile-de-France

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Theater, digital / Théâtre, numérique

The project leaders of EuroFest Live are ICS - Presentations Live (ICS), a Swedish communications and theatrical production company, and La Compagnie TransAtlantique (Cie Transat), a French theater company. Between them, these partners have over 25 years experience in intercultural theatre projects. Cie Transat was founded in 1990 for the purpose of mounting contemporary French and European plays in English translation in Los Angeles, California. [These included Benoit Marbot's "La Valse avant La nuit", Jacque Pierre Amette's "Le Mal du Pays", and Peter Handtke's "Offending the Audience".] Thereafter, Cie Transat changed gears and produced a series of American plays in French translation at the Avignon Festival "Off" in the late 1990s early 2000s [including the theatrical portraits "Anais Nin" by and with Raina Paris, "Gertrude Stein" by and with Bela Grushka, and Albert Gurney's popular classic "Love Letters"].

Starting in 2008, ICS teamed up with Cie Transat to present a series of plays of Nordic origin at the Avignon Festival "Off" under the aegis of the "Etoiles du Nord" program. [These productions included Olivia Stevens' "La séduction of Zarah Leander", Åsa Rydmqn's "Le Cirque Cérébral", and "Femmes en bas" in 2008, Kristin Undsett's "Kristin Lavransdatter, La Rose du Nord" in 2010, 2011, and Docteur Glas, 2011-2013.] See

Separately ICS has produced and presented in Stockholm, Sweden, "Doktor Glas Musik: Kärlekens Plikt" in 2013 at Ledermanns Studio Teater, and "Americana" at Hallwylska PalaceIn in 2014.

ICS also has substantial experience with international online video conferencing using streaming live technology as a participant in Stanford University's groundbreaking Cross Cultural Rhetoric program, and has administrative experience with organize multinational teams of actors to conduct corporate training programs using theatrical techniques.


Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Heritage / Patrimoine

Key aims of the project:

  • STRUCTURE the cultural heritage sector and creative industries by spreading excellence human and digital best practices for audiences development
  • PROMOTE the historical monuments as facilitating venues for an inclusive transmission of cultural and creative key-competencies to new (non) audiences
  • TRAIN the cultural stakeholders and heritage interpreters to develop art innovative and participating activities with the local inhabitants of their territory
  • ANALYSE the expectations, motivations, and satisfaction of local inhabitants and visitors in order to continually develop the project approach in a virtuous circle
  • DEVELOP a common adapted competencies building evaluation methodology to European/international level to prove the essential role of culture in the society
  • IMPROVE and STANDARDISE the heritage interpretation competencies in truly curriculum accredited by national and European high education institutions and/or European excellence label in European/international professional networks and European/international cultural organisations

For instance 2 artistic inspiration subjects have been included in the 3D binaural sound Music and Heritage Discovery Tour prototype of the Abbaye aux Dames :

  • The history of the abbey and its various uses since construction in 1047 that include political, cultural, and religious history, as well as covering the everyday life of past and present users of the site
  • An introduction to classical music history and performance based on historical research and the practice of period instruments.

The Abbaye aux Dames would like to involve other European historical monuments and other “Cities of Culture” in the framework of an active cooperation network.

Contact : Vincent SOCCODATO - European projects coordinator - + 33 (0)5 46 97 48 46

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European Network Watchtowers – Discovering the old boundaries 2016 Consorcio para el Desarrollo Vega-Sierra Elvira (Spain) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Andalusia

Pays : Spain / Espagne

Secteur : Cultural Heritage

European Network Watchtowers - Discovering the old boundaries (WatchNetEu)

Historical watchtowers are spread all over Europe. In Andalucia (ES), for example, still survive many watchtowers built during the 13th-15th century along the borders of the catholic/muslim kingdoms. Many of them are situated in extraordinary natural sceneries and could play a new role in the fruition of these cultural landscapes and also as witnesses of a past dominated by frontiers, stimulating a reflection on the present situation within EU. The project aims to promote at European level their preservation, the development of new ways of accessibility and reuse, a new role in the territory integrated in an interconnected network.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

1) to strengthen the importance of historical watchtowers as part of our common European history and to make this heritage accessible and understandable to a world-wide audience;

2) to promote a EU wide reflection over the history and role of frontiers within Europe in the pre-modern age.

3) to increase awareness on the importance of preservation and conservation of historical sites and their surroundings –and History and Environment in general– as a touristic attraction and as an economic booster for certain communities.

4) to increase self steem and pride in communities about their local history and, at the same time, to provide them with the idea of belonging to a larger and European network with a common past


Project activities foreseen:

- transfer of knowledge and skills among partners related to management, conservation and promotion of these peculiar historical sites;

- development of pilot experiences;

- investigation on ways for presenting this heritage to the public, in order to create a better visitor experience (with the use of new technologies)

- communication and dissemination activities to promote interest in the history and role of watchtowers and develop heritage tourism.


Description of added value/european dimension:

Cooperation within EU is vital to reach the objectives of this project. Mobility of cultural operators builds up knowledge and awareness of the interlinked nature of this cultural heritage. The promotion and circulation of pilot experiences and works allows to facilitate the development of best practices at European level and the creation of an international network.


Audience development. Public engagement

- Strong communication and dissemination plan that includes differentiated audiences: tourist sector, historians/academia, local government managers, enviromental sector,….


Expected results / Impact

- different models of reuse and fruition of watchtowers, as integration of pilot projects and other shared activities;

- enhancement of fruition by local and international visitors

- raised awareness on our common European past

- Growth of the local economy around the watchtower

- Awareness on conservation of historical sites or constructions and their surroundings

Contact :


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European workshop of authors 2016 Théâtre du prisme (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Hauts de France

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Performing arts / Spectacle vivant

European workshop of authors

Project is part of our festival Prise Directe. It is a new play reading and mixed form between performance, conference and documentary play festival.

We wish to reflect on a theme that runs through all of Europe : borders, meeting and confrontation of populations. This theme is shown through refugees movements. The theme "rebuild the world" has brought out as the object of investigation.

The idea is to give a unique and new space to a group for two years. A committee composed by 4 or 5 authors, 4 or 5 translators and 4 or 5 directors from 4 or 5 nationalities will meet to work in each of the 4 or 5 countries during these years. This workshop is marked by several appointments:

1 / Festival Prise Directe 2017: First meeting. Each author brought a "sample text". It is the basic material from which the authors will meet throughout the two years. It is a time for a public presentation of the project, meeting and public reading of these texts.

2 / The committee meets in each of the different countries, for workshops. Each workshop is closed by a public event. The format emerges during each meeting.

3 / Prise Directe 2019 : Rendition on stage. Stage reading of the texts written during these years, public and professional event : assessment, conclusion, meeting.

4 / Project to create a theater show.

The idea is to open the issue of migrants, to reflect on the work related to the camps of migrants, to wonder about how to work with refugees, to link the project with the reality of camps and migrant populations:

- How to find a dialogue between the field and writing

- How to confront the reality of a theme

- How to meet refugees with writing

The place of the contemporary author who writes from the real life is important. It is between the politics (a position statement on a contextualized reality) and artistic (the necessary distance for production of written material)

The confrontation of different realities in each country will allow a new resonance to this theme and sub-themes that emerge from. It will allow a uninsulated highlighting, but taken as a whole composed by particularities. It is a laboratory for the study and analysis of a reality that runs through all of Europe : the borders.

The authors we choose will already be registered and identified in this approach, namely that of writing from the real, from observation of it as a writing material on one hand, and sensitive to the theme on the other hand.

Contact : Capucine Lange - Codirectrice +33 6 20 60 67 96

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FABULAMUNDI – New Proposal 2016 PAV [IT] (Italia) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Italy / Italie

Secteur : Performing Arts / Spectacle vivant

PAV creates and realizes cultural projects in partnership with artists and institutions. Born in Rome in 2000, PAV specializes in the production, management and administration of cultural events, festivals, shows and conferences and works with public national institutions, theatres, foreign embassies, artists and companies, combining an institutional profile with a support to the independent scene. PAV’s multifaceted activity allowed for the development of a privileged standpoint, with a 360° eye-view on contemporary theatre.


“Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe” is a cooperation project among theatres, festivals and cultural organisations in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Romania, funded twice by the DG Culture in the past years. The network is a platform of support and promotion of the contemporary playwriting across Europe, aimed at reinforcing and enhancing the activities and strategies of the professionals and artists working in the sector, and at providing the theatre authors with opportunities of networking, multicultural encounter and professional development.



The partnership is now willing to apply for a Large Scale Project, with the aim of moving a step forward in the support to plays circulation and translation and to the enhancement of playwrights’ professional development.



Main objectives of the project:

• Circulation of playwrights and plays

• Playwrights’ professional development

• Audience development

• Creation of Playwriting clusters at national and EU level

In order to achieve these objectives, the main activities foreseen are:

• Circulation of plays and playwrights in the Countries participating the project

• Production and circulation of new performances and creation of an European Festival

• Set up of an European Network on playwriting

• Set up and run of an ongoing program for playwrights’ professional development


“Beyond borders?” will be the theme addresses for this edition of the project: playwrights, partners, public and stakeholder will be all involved in a shared reflection on the different aspects of this contemporary and urgent issue, conceived at physical, social and cultural level.


We're looking for partners :

•  Countries : from Northern and Eastern Countries, UK

• Profile :

  1. Theatres / Festivals / Cultural organizations focused on contemporary dramaturgy production and circulation, possibly with experience in international/ EU/ EU funded projects and/or experience on the theme “beyond borders?” addressed by this edition of the project (social, physical borders).
  2. One organization for the development of networking /clustering activities at international and national level. The organization should have a strong experience on cultural networking management, able to create national and international clusters for the development of dramaturgy in the participating Countries (clusters should include playwrights and theatre professionals, theatres, publishers, culture institutions...). Possibly with experience in EU project or projects at EU level.
  3. One organization for the communication activities at international and national level. The organization should have a strong experience on communication in culture projects. The organization should be able to coordinate the overall communication activity of the project and coordinate the communication in the participating Countries. Possibly with experience in EU project or projects at EU level.
  4. One organization for the training - peer learning activities to be developed at national and international level. The organization should have a strong experience in providing cultural and management training in general, with an interdisciplinary and peer learning approach. They will indeed be responsible for training activities addressed to organizations and playwrights involved in the project. Possibly with experience in EU project or projects at EU level.

Contacts : Claudia di Giacomo and Francesca Billi

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Festival “Earths without Shadow” – Festival for Religious Music 2016 Festival “Earths without Shadow” – Festival for Religious Music (Portugal) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Portugal / Portugal

Secteur : Creation / Création

Established 2003 and directed by the Spanish scholar Juan Ángel Vela del Campo, it’s the main Portuguese festival for religious music. Gather’s music, cultural heritage, biodiversity and social inclusion. Awards each year an international prize to individuals or institutions that stand out at international level in three fields: music, cultural heritage and biodiversity.

We would like to develop:
(1) Cooperation between cultural and creative organisations from different countries;
(2) Networks helping the cultural and creative sector to operate competitively and transnationally;
(3) Establishing platforms to promote emerging artists and stimulating European programming for cultural and artistic works.

Contact : Sara Fonseca

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Fidei.Ars.Imago 2016 DevART Cultural Association – Deva, Romania Europe Créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Roumanie

Secteur : Performing Arts, Intercultural and Interfaith dialogue


Below you can find our concrete proposal in accordance with your availability and input. Please confirm that you can participate in the project by following the instructions set by the Creative Europe programme, that is, by devising a project and a subsequent budget and by providing a 40% co-financing. We are open to any suggestions that can increase the attractiveness of the project, both for you and the public, and its chances of being financed.

Fidei.Ars.Imago cultural project aims to enlight for public the medieval stone churches in the county of Hunedoara. One of our partners in Romania is The Diocese of Deva and Hunedoara – but in our project will be considered churches belonging to the Orthodox, Catholic and Reformed, provided the framing construction in the historical period specified.

         In terms of architecture and painting, those churches are highly related with some others from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia – notice that Gothic style is very common for Western Europe, but not for Romania. However, we can find Gothic style in Transylvania even for Orthodox churches, with western influencies – so our main goal is to put in contact artists and specialist coming from all the countries involved.

By making complex worth referring to religion, history, architecture, interior and exterior painting, which we intend to associate contemporary secular and religious art.

In the context of this project, we risk taking a restrictive approach, we consider medieval stone churches built between the years 1000-1453 churches.

         Fidei.Ars.Imago project is designed to encompass several components, taking into account the need to be attractive to a wide audience but especially addressing the upper-medium segment with education. Its components are:

- Artistic - music & arts

- religious

- patrimonial

- scientific

- culinar art

The events will include:

- Explanatory tours for each church

- Scientific and religious conferencies/Symposiums

- Presentation Exhibition / Artistic installastions / Fine art concept

- Concerts themselves - two / evening in different genres

- Culinary breaks

- Socializing, discussions

- Guiding school for young people

Theme contests could be launched, addressed equally to local artists or those working in other areas of the country or abroad.

Within the project we consider an important aspect - achieving a database of monuments covered.

The database will include both materials deriving from the actual project and materials specially made photos and documentary films.

Digitisation - will include:

- Common website for all the monuments included in the project

- Scan their documents and entering them into a database, partially published on the site

- Photographing monuments

- Video presentation for each monument

Depending on the specific series can be brought projection of a documentary film etc.

Before proceeding to detail the manner in which it was conceived the project, some clarifications are strictly necessary:

- The project includes not only performances, but they are designed to attract a wider audience, which to educate in accordance with the stated purpose of the project

- The project provided a series of events adjacent Relevant scientific conferences, book launches, visits to monuments neighboring, meetings with people with decision-making power or relevance in preserving national heritage, with foreign guests, screenings of documentaries, which will be detailed according to budgets obtained and after consultation with stakeholders; the debate will be invited guests from abroad, in areas that are directly linked with the monument be concerned either with the subject matter covered.


Contact – Alexandru Gruian – gruiann@gmail.comOpera Nights Festival Director

Nicolae Gavrea – – DevART Cultural Association President

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Fondation Ramon Rey Ardid (FRRA) 2016 Fondation Ramon Rey Ardid Europe créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Espagne

Secteur : Socio-culturel

Rey Ardid is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1991 to attend the need of people affected by mental illness. After 25 years of experience our organization has grown and increased its social presence, by working with other collectives (older people, migrants, young people in difficulty, etc.). The mains goals are to achieve full social integration, to cover their basic needs and to improve both their quality of life and their relatives. To achieve these goals we developed different actions: training, awareness, leisure and recreation, etc. Among them, we carry out activities focused on art, culture and creativity (drawing, sculpture, creative writing, photography, theatre, music, dance, etc.) since they are highly effective for social inclusion. FRRA has established diverse agreements with official bodies and private institutions to develop assistance, prevention, rehabilitation, socio-professional integration and training activities.

FRRA has a lot of experience in European projects, many of them related to art and social inclusion. In addition, FRRA has a specific center to develop artistic activities with the users, this centre is called “Espacio Visiones”. (with e.g. Context, Objectives, Impact/results, Activities, Targeted public…)

This project wants to bring together two areas that share an interest in the social function of culture. First, group of museums, musicologists, musicians and luthiers. The second major group, composed of foundations and other nonprofit institutions involved in the integration of people with disabilities in society, using as best mean, music and art.

The main goal is recover the potential of European organological rich heritage through an educational project for young and dissemination of early music, with audience development through the involvement of people with disabilities in different actions.

The project will be promoted and coordinated from Saragossa (Spain), as it is hometown of some instrumental typologies belonging to the European heritage of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries that are extinct and seek to recover (belonging to the families of the viol hand, harps arc, violas da gamba and Iberian harps).

A network of key partners in both the cultural / creative sector (museums, music academies, musicians, musicologists and schools luthiers) and the social sector (entities nonprofit involved in social integration of people with disabilities through cultural activities will be created / artistic / creative) will be created, following the route that the instruments under the project took: Saragossa (Spain) --> Italy --> France --> Rest of Europe.


We can classify the actions in 6 groups:

  1. Reconstruction of instruments
  2. Study on the European organological heritage of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
  3. Study of improving the social and cultural inclusion of persons with disabilities through new methodologies such as music, art and other cultural activities.
  4. Concerts, exhibitions, performances related to early music.
  5. Sensory workshops
  6. Online communication for the dissemination of the project (audio guides, web management, blog and social media ...

Contact :

Lucía Rincón Laplana

European Projects Responsible

Phone +34976 740 474

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From Intimate to Collective 2016 Collective le Nomade Village - La Friche (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : PACA

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Creation, Youth, Digital, Pedagogy

From Intimate to Collective

A field of research to share and develop each of our experiences aimed at improving personal and social development of young people (between 15-25) through collective artistic creation, human relationships based on sharing and pedagogy skills on which to rely.

- Participatory artistic creation : workshops of writing, video, theater, dance, music, web, graphic creation, photography, scenography, urbanism… to develop with a group of young people (student or not) a unique writing and interpretation of « Des Corps de Ville », a play (to play with) of the collective.
-   Digital tools : mapping, sound design, real time interaction, filming, streaming, sharing.
-   Sharing knowledge : through workshop all knowledge is good to share. Experienced users as workshop leaders are the best person to learn from, to make his own choices later.
-   Pedagogy : share experiences to elaborate a corpus of methods, intuitions, tools, on how to accompany young people to take part of, to engage a empowerment process through his intimate to the collective.

Contact :

Philippe Domengie / co - Artistic Director

Eliane Mathieu / European Project Producer

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George Ciprian” Theatre Buzău 2016 The “George Ciprian” Theatre Buzău (Romania) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Romania / Roumanie

Secteur : Creation / Création

Telematic performance involves the use of real-time video-conferencing (e.g. Skype) and has the potential to connect different spaces across the world.

Objectives: 1) We aim to develop the genre of telematic participatory performance, contributing to research in the field of both participatory performance and digital art. 2) We wish to explore the dynamic of relationships between family members brought apart by distance, with all their factors of influence. 3) We wish to facilitate the audience’s engagement in the performance by means of participatory strategies, in order to increase the project’s impact and to diversify our audience. 4) We aim to create a European network of practitioners (both emergent and established) interested in telematic participatory performance who could continue to collaborate after the end of this project (they can be not only artists, but also engineers or IT experts who are interested in exploring telematics in the arts).

Contact : Marina Hanganu

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Getxo Théâtre 2016 UTOPIAN Europe créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Espagne

Secteur : spectacle vivant



  • a community theatre model theatre building in Europe as a means to recover the collective identity of the communities, as a metaphor for integration in Europe.
  • a play making with the help of neighbors through the recovery of verbal memory and history research environments where they live.
  • elements integration into the play . Elements that build citizenship identity: music (Portugal) and dance.
  • Basque language integration in the play making as a means of building identity and thus encouraging its learning in Europe.

Target audience: Youth and seniors, future and past of cities, towns, communities, ... Driving elements in the construction and maintenance of popular identities and a European identity, by extension.. The audience will be participants and protagonists o the construction process of the work, essentially.

Besides, the project aims to popularize access to community theater, so far very selective about its audience, little known in Europe. Transversal dissemination actions will sensitize audience development of this art form

Project Duration: 30 months.

Scheduled actions:

- Research influence of music, dance and theater in the construction of the citizenship identity by creating a transnational community assembly (transnational meeting). A technological tool for work participation among european partners will be used

- Artistic community meetings in each partner area for the analysis from the neighbors’ approach. Each area works its art discipline.

- Methodology Community theater at European level to consolidate this tool as an instrument of social change.

- Communitiy theater play development and results dissemination and best practices transfer as learning approach tool of a minority language, too.

- Digital magazine launching, web platform diffusion.

-.Communitiy theater meeting-

Contact :

Teresa García Oviedo. – Mobile: 00 34 620 23 70 36

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Glassbox Art Space 2016 Glassbox Art Space (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Ile de France

Pays : France / France

Secteur : App & Web development, contemporary art

We are : Glassbox is a Paris-based art space focused on the promotion of emerging contemporary art. Through artist residencies and the production of site-specific art projects, our aim is to offer a space for young or lesser-known artists to exchange with a public eager to discover the process of creation in a more intimate context.


Project : In continuation with our mission statement, we are building a webbased application which will facilitate dialogue and direct sales between artists and the public. Halfway between the highly popular apartment-rental applications and their dating counterparts, our application will put in touch potential buyers with artists through the organization of visits, dinners or other forms of socializing taking place directly in artists’workshops.


We're looking for Partners :

• Countries : Any partner country of the Creative Europe programme

• Fiels : Web/ mobile app developers with an interest in culture and visual arts


ContactRafaela Lopez, Project Manager - Tel +33 1 75 51 99 46

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Heartefact Fund 2016 Heartefact Europe créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Serbie

Secteur : Art contémporain

Heartefact was founded in 2009 as an organization dedicated to raising critical awareness and building open and free societies through creative and artistic exchange on important social issues related to human rights, freedom of speech and social responsibility. We support and encourage contemporary and engaged cultural and artistic creativity, thus creating the conditions for constructing a new generation of socially engaged, creative and progressive forces that will critically reflect the world around them.

Since its founding Heartefact has been committed to creating a cultural space whose main feature will be a responsible relationship to the past and the future. In its work, Heartefact pays special attention to marginalized and discriminated social groups, using culture and art as a way to promote their rights.

Heartefact is implementing its activities within three program areas: Production, Institute and Foundation. Each of these program areas is focused on creating a variety of activities that are often mutually complementary and supportive.

The project explores European cultural identity in the light of changes that have occurred in the last decade in Europe and its immediate vicinity. The focus will be put on four crises: referendum in the UK about leaving European Union (Brexit), refugee crisis, economic crisis, terrorist attacks. Causes and consequences that these events have on the sense of identities in Europe will be the research topic of at least 15 young artists and 10 young cultural policy researchers during the three-month exchange in the partner countries. The results will be presented through art works and research and policy papers.

These crises represent a change in which Europe has found itself, and the project researches how crisis events that evoke changes can affect creation, weakening or strengthening of European cultural identity. Causes and consequences of those crises may be nationalism, xenophobia, strengthening of the extreme right, Euroscepticism, border closures, etc.

Through a review of crises by combining artistic and cultural policy research methods, the project seeks to investigate and present the effects of major changes to the sense of European identity of the citizens of Europe.


- to open a broad public dialogue about different changes and challenges in contemporary Europe

- to investigate the influence of great changes in Europe in the last decade on the phenomenon of European identity, from the perspective of young artists and cultural policy researchers from different countries of Europe through cultural exchange and cooperation.

Contact :


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Insertion site in the Abbey Saint-André en Gouffern 2016 Insertion site in the Abbey Saint-André en Gouffern (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Normandie

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Heritage / Patrimoine

Implementation of a partnership qualified companies – apprentices for an allying qualification uses the innovative techniques of today and the materials of the past to allow an appreciation and a social reintegration.

Development and development of a cultural heritage classified MH in rural territory isolated for teaching

Building sites, cultural events and European exchanges.

Installation of a network of exchanges and of divisions.

Contact :

INSPIRATION SCENARIOS 2016 Consorcio para el Desarrollo de la Vega-Sierra Elvira (Spain) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Grenade

Pays : Spain / Espagne

Secteur : Interdisciplinary - cultural and natural heritage

Organization :  The Consortium for the Development of Vega-Sierra Elvira is a Local Public Entity, consisting of more than 32 municipalities in Granada, Andalusia.


Project : 


Many great artists developed all or a relevant parts of their work and careers in well defined places; or at least, they are associated to particular spaces; it is the case with Lorca and Granada or Shakespare and Strafford Upon Avon or Peter Paul Rubens and Antwerps. However, this is a partial vision of the whole picture. Just one instance: the Lorca and Granada association is obviously true but there is much more to it: La Casa de Bernarda Alba is inspired in Valderubio, a small town fifteen km away from Granada;

The main objective of the project is the creation of a European Network of cultural and natural heritage where great European artists were inspired to create his works.
The understanding of the relationship between a natural or urban landscape and the author as a key element in the artistic creation will help deepen both the knowledge and dissemination of the works of European artists and the economic revitalization of the areas that were the protagonists in the works.
Cooperation within EU is vital to reach the objectives of this project. Mobility of cultural operators builds up knowledge and awareness of the interlinked nature of this cultural and natural heritage.

The innovation in promotion and circulation of pilot experiences and works will allow the development of best practices at European level and new business model which promote economic development of the municipalities where the geniuses of European culture were inspired for the creation of their works.
We aim at reaching a wider audience as a means of stimulating interest in European cultural and creative works and the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and improve access to such works. The use of new technologies will be key to achieving this goal.


Creating interactive itineraries to promote and, at the same time, better preserve the territories that one day served as scenarios of inspiration to our great artists.
Itinerant exhibition to explain and increase awareness of the relationship between the enclave, the author and the plays.

Organizing cultural events and tourism promotion within common programming

International Seminar
Creation of Audiovisual Memory of artists and their work


We're looking for partners :


Potential partners OR LEADER could be located in countries where had been lived a famous European artist and the city isn't very known. Should be interested in sharing their experience in managing and promoting this heritage, and to develop an interconnected European network.


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Lielvarde Municipality 2016 Ville de Lielvarde (Latvia) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Latvia / Lettonie

Secteur : Performing arts, héritage, art and digital

Lielvarde Municipality is planning to apply for Cooperation projects under Creative Europe until October 2016.

Lielvarde has strong traditions in folk dance movement and it is a very symbolic region in Latvia in terms of cultural values, history and heritage. Lielvarde is currently looking for novel ways to expand the folk dance practice, regional traditions and cultural heritage connecting it to other fields, concepts and players by letting co-creation happen and completely new and extraordinary partnerships and concepts to arise.

The aim of the project: based on folk dance elements and different national culture and history values, legends and symbols, to work on new dance elements, forms and content combining folk dance and contemporary dance exploring new horizons for dance culture and national identity in EU and for attracting new audiences to dance events.

Project activities will include masterclasses in each partner country with participation of folk dancers, contemporary dance choreographers and cultural heritage researchers with the aim to create a unique content will result in a joint celebration – festival.

ContactSigne Adamoviča, +371 29393928

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Liepaja Creative Industry Cluster 2016 Liepaja Creative Industry Cluster (Latvia) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Réseau / Network

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Latvia / Lettonie

Secteur : Creative industry - Interdisciplinary projects - Audience development

Organization : Liepaja Creative Industry Cluster is NGO, which connect creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, organisations and research and education institutions.
Creative Industry Cluster is active player in creative industries supporting and promotion in the Liepaja and Liepaja district.
More about organisation, its activities and future ambitions you can find here


Project : 

We are interested to be a partner in a project, which would:

• strengthen cultural and creative field workforce with specific skills and experience
• activitate cultural and creative workforce to cooperate internationally and establish sustainable cooperation network
• provide culture and creative industry promotion and discussion of new economic models and new working principles
• activitate (develop) new business model for culture and creative industry
• involve different stake holders and (politicians, decision makers, educators…)


Contact : Atis Eglins-Eglitis, member of board

Melting Creatives: Co-creation in intercultural space 2016 La Foule d'eau (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Ile-de-France

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Performing arts / Spectacle vivant - Research / Recherche

Because today more than ever, we must be imaginative and purveyors of new methods in making things together, to create commons where our models clearly show their limits.

Whether in terms of value creation, governance, intergenerational relationships, intercultural dialogue, diversity, access to culture, artistic creation, post-digital and citizen involvement, INNOVATION in its place.

The team of "La Foule d’eau" started with a simple idea:

Why not turn an abandoned barge on the public domain of cultural, social and digital experimentation object on the territories of Europe?

Nothing holds us to make this fallow after the fluvial and industrial heritage dedicated to the destruction and pollution of ecosystems, a collective laboratory for experimentation on intercultural dialogue, art and territorial action research.

Therefore, we propose the project « Melting Creatives : Co-creations in intercultural space » in the program "Creative Europe".

This is an action research project that aims to experiment with new artistic, economic and social models as part of the renovation of the barge "Cassard" abandoned on the Marne 20 km from Paris. We want to make it an itinerant space of artistic co-creation, participatory and inclusive as part of a group of European artists who choose to include in their creative process researchers, residents, local authorities, universities, amateurs, migrant artists ... and to imagine together to increase the range of possibilities.

The question is : How to make an abandonned barge a space to explore inovative ways to create commons and empowerment on a multicultural territories ?

Contact : Amar Benbia +33650217231


Monogram Foundation 2016 Monogram Foundation (Hungary) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Hungary / Hongrie

Secteur : Visual arts / Arts visuels

Monogram Foundation, established in 2010 has a wide scope of activities that all have the same purpose. According to the will of its founders, the public benefit organization not only handles the material and intellectual heritage of the well-respected Hungarian neo-avant-garde artist, Ernő Tolvaly, but – the painter himself being a key figure in the Hungarian art education system for decades – supports the talented, young artists nationwide.

 Monogram organizes artist colonies in rural Hungary (in Füle, Tardos and Besence). The program, started in 2012, welcomes 40-50 artists every summer from different schools, socially connects them with local communities and also offers supportive environment with all the tools and materials needed for their activity.

 The foundation rewards the winners of the annual “Ernő Tolvaly Painting Prize” at the University of Pécs – Faculty of Visual Arts.

 Monogram organizes exhibitions for the young artists and also supports the communication of their projects.

In the previous years the foundation participated in international joint projects. The latest project called “Towards Peace” will end in mid-2015 and includes six international organizations that use art techniques to reach social change in their community. In this year for the first time we will welcome several artists from Northern Ireland to our artist camps. This fulfils the mission of our artist colonies, because we have always planned to expand our activity to the international level in order to enjoy the advantages of the interference of different cultures. For our latest project we’ve teamed up with Moebius Art School who will serve as professional partners during the implementation.


Description of project : traveling exchange workshop project


Within the framework of the program supporting the integration and development of new Eastern-European members of the EU, Moebius Art School (Budapest) is seeking for funding for the following two-year project.

Nothing is more democratic, than a colour circle, that represents several colour theories by mixing and arranging the colours harmonically and equally. Based on this idea, any artwork composed by a community of different individuals could be used as a model for the democratic idea. In our project Individuals from different European countries would get the chance to show and exchange their own point of view and ideology, and eventually create an artistic object together. The situation in Hungary requires external perspectives and views to call attention to the possible consequences and dangers of collapse in a nationally isolated society, by the means of visual arts. We would like to involve the young generations (15-26 yrs) in this project. Through participating and practicing creative tasks, they would develop a free, associative thinking method that would be useful for them later on in all fields of life.

Main structure of the project plan: we are planning a series of workshops involving drawing, painting and digital media, with the cooperation of visual artists and young people interested in arts. The kick-off event of the 2-year program would be based on a moving ship (preferrably a cargo ship) on the Danube, where all interested parties from the different participating countries would be invited to attend for a few days period. The ship would give us a space to meet each other, build connections, discuss different ideas and to show performances, plan and create artworks together on the spot. Following this, a series of creative workshops would take place in the base of Moebius Art School, a beautiful atelier-house in the heart of Budapest. During the course of the year we would invite our new European partners to guest-host the workshops and we would also take our workshops abroad, if possible.

We would like to run this project avoiding high participation fees, so that we can reach the poor, but talented and interested youth as well.


We're looking for partners :

Countries : All European Countries

Profile : foundation, civilian organization, other organization, museum, visual- and media artists who has same attitude open for this cause, artist who want to teach, and help young people between 16 and 26 years


Contacts at Moebius Art School : Luca Korodi and Tolvaly

Key words for the project : Travel, young artists

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Muzeum w Lęborku – Museum of Lebork 2016 Museum of Lebork (Poland) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Poland / Pologne

Secteur : Heritage

Situated in the town centre,  the Museum in Lebork houses a wide range of  historical and ethnographic arfefacts and art work including contemporary pieces. The Museum also holds one of the most important archaeological collections in Central Europe.  Due to its proximity to Leba, a top tourist destination on the Polish coast, the Museum reaches a wide audience through its promotional work  e.g., at  the Slowinski National Park famous for its shifting sand dunes,  the 120-berth marina, as well as the hugely popular Stilo light-house.

The Museum welcomes volunteers from all over Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, and Georgia so far)  through the  European Voluntary Service (EVS - European Voluntary Service) the 2 Youth in Action Programme, created and funded by the European Commission. Together with  Association EduQ, the Museum is pleased to play a role in the development of these young people, to  help them acquire new skills and overcome barriers, prejudices and stereotypes.

Lebork Museum also runs an extremely popular workshop series focused on disappearing ancient and medieval crafts covering  techniques such as  weaving, handmade paper,  stained glass, pottery, etc.

As part of the Culture Programme project "Childhood. Remains and Heritage", the Museum in Lebork prepared a puppet show "Little Red Riding Hood" in two languages, held workshops to create  the puppets and  scenery for this theatre using handmade paper,  sewing, felting and  linocut techniques and organised  a group bicycle ride “down memory lane”.

Lebork Museum works hard to involve the public of all ages in its activies run throughout the year and encourages active participation – whether through workshops, treasure hunts, annual themed costumed events or temporary exhibitions

Contact :

Museum of Lebork

Młynarska 14-15
Tel. 00 48 59 862 24 14

Marzena Kańczuga


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OVERPRINTED 2016 Compagnie ATMEN / Françoise Tartinville (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Ile-de-France

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Creation / Création

This project brings together dancers, musicians, architects, researchers in the field of holography and the residents of a neighborhood.

Based on contemporary dance, the aim of the project is to bond connections between scientific and artistic disciplines by creating a social link with the inhabitants of a neighborhood throughout an outdoor danced walk.

Contact : Françoise Tartinville

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Red de Teatros Alternativos 2016 Red de Teatros Alternativos (Spain) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Plateforme / Plateform

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Spain / Espagne

Secteur : Performing arts / Spectacle vivant

Red de Teatros Alternativos is a network of independent theatre venues (mid-small scale) and creation centers from Spain, involving 44 venues from the whole territory. Co- organizers of next IETM Autumn Plenary Meeting in Valencia.

In broad terms, the project seeks to create a European Platform of creative centers and theaters that work with emerging artists and use and develop tools to enhance and support the creative process (e.g. artistic residencies, mediation, etc.). It is mainly a platform that focuses strongly on the process of creating, turning this support into projects of artistic residencies, art factories. It aims also to create an “alternative network” for the contemporary performing arts.

We're looking for partners :

• Countries : Hungary, Croatia, United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Greece, Ukraine, Ireland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania

• Profile : The ideal partners would be networks, associations, centers of creation of performing arts, cultural spaces, etc. that could act as motivators or facilitators in their territory. Institutions capable of establishing a flow of constant support to emerging creation within their area, able to involve other cultural agents and institutions. This is the main profile we are looking for. These motivators must have professional experience with creation, with residencies, with creative processes and the support to emergence.


Contact : Email   +34 915 226 940

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REDPLEXUS 2016 REDPLEXUS (France) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : PACA

Pays : France / France

Secteur : Performance, Public space / Performance, Espace public

RedPlexus is interested in participative and immersive projects of performance and develops a work of research and experimentation about it. RedPlexus promote projects proposing to the audience an experience which could transform it , projects that re-create social links and federate publics. The project would be to favour immersive and participative artistic projects in urban space and to work with different publics included very precarious people, excluded of the circuits of culture and art. The project would encourage use of new technologies. New technologies allow to write artistic projects which transform the relation to the public and create an individualized relationship.

Contact : Christine Bouvier

Friche la Belle de Mai – 41 rue Jobin 13003 Marseille + 33 6 61 34 936 2

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SAGN 2016 VitaPark / Municipality of Odder (Denmark) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Denmark / Danemark

Secteur : Creation / Création

The project SAGN will examine new ways of developing the relationship between audience and artists. The audience in specific cities in Europe will therefore be drawn into the actual development of the performance, by inviting the public to share their local narratives and make the performances out of the local context. In this way SAGN will increase the access to and appreciation of our common cultural heritage. We would like to make a performance in each partners’ city. The performance can have different expressions (can also be exhibitions, concerts, etc). In Odder, Denmark, we are involving the whole city in the process. All children in our schools are working with local narratives. We are involving refugees, business communities, politicians, elderly etc. In the end the public will recognize themselves in the performance.

We are searching for: Organizations/theatres/art-groups to be partners.

Each partner should appoint 1-4 artists considered to be progressive creators and performers from the international art stage, to participate in the project. The artists will, based on the same framework of public involvement and collaboration, create a performance for each city during the period of 2017 -2020.

Partners can either join as a group working only in other countries or as representatives for a city in their country, where the performance can take place. The outcome will be a spectacular performance about the city building on local narratives. Elements from each performance will travel on to the next city and in that way a European hybrid work about our different cultures and narratives in Europe will be created. Some of the artists in the project so far are:

Teitur, composer and singer, Andrea Pellegrini, operasinger, Intorno, opera and Musictheatre. Ensemble Lydenskab, classical ensemble. Madam Bach - children's Theatre. Eyvind Gulbrandsen - classical composer. Kirstine Hastrup - flamenco dancer, Systéme K - France. Intorno, Netherlands.

Contacts :

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Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Bosnie-Herzégovine

Secteur : Patrimoine - archives

One of the important personal funds that we keep in our Archives is Papo Laura Bohoreta – Sarajevo (O-BP-168). She was born as Luna Levi, was a writer, a Sephardi Jew and lived in a period 1891.-1941., mainly in Sarajevo. She was also socially engaged women in Sarajevo and Bosnia or Yugoslavia of that time, and can also be considered as a feminist. She was very aloud when speaking about women, especially, Sephardic Jewish women, defending their status in a society. Bohoreta also writes about everyday life of Jewish communities of that time, and her writings can be categorized as a novels and dramas which means some might be put up on a scene as a play. She wrote in ladino language.

That was one of the starting points in our idea for this project. The material that we keep are Laura’s original handwritings and are described according to standards of archival science. So far, one book of her three plays are published, but we are planning to publish her other works and also try to implement idea of putting her dramas on a theater scene. Also, we would like to digitize and microfilm her writings to be available online for research, but before that her texts should be transcribed and translated into Bosnian, Spanish, Hebrew and English, possibly in some other languages. We are looking for organizations, institutions, theatres who can possibly be our partner in this project. Also, as we said in description field, presenting our institution, we have quite a lot possibilities for projects based on our documentary material, visual also ( we have a lot of photo material), so anybody who eventually see this form, can contact us with ideas for cooperation and joint project. We, ourselves, have other ideas that didn’t mention here, but are definitely open for cooperation. Please, just contact us.

Contact :

Sarajevo Historical Archives, Alipašina 19, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina ; Tel/Fax ++387 33 20 97 37 Email :;;

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Slovenian chamber music theatre 2017 Chamber music theatre Europe Créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Slovénie

Secteur : Spectacle vivant

Slovenian Chamber Music Theatre in a non-governmental organisation that produces chamber operas. We are from Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia - but we have performances in many Slovenian cities. We have two main types of productions:

·       Productions of chamber operas for adults (mainly contemporary music or baroque)

·       Opera productions for childen (mainly contemporary music)

President of Slovenian Chamber Music Theatre is Katja Konvalinka, opera singer and producer. She is on this position since 2011. Between 2011-2016 she has produced 12 opera productions for Slovenian Chamber Music Theatre:

·       Productions of chamber operas for adults

G. C. Menotti: The Telephone (2011)

L. Bernstein: Trouble in Tahiti (2011)

C. W. Gluck: Der betrogene Kadi (2012)

N. Piccini: La Cecchina ossia La buona figliola (2014)

G. C. Menotti: The old Maid and the Theef (2014)

G. B. Pergolesi: La serva padrona (2015)

G. Frid: Diary of Anna Frank (2015)

T. Svete: Hero of our time (2015)

·       Opera productions for childen

C. Cui: Little Red Riding Hood (2013)

P. Šivic: Punished curiosity (2014)

H. Krasa: Brundibar (2016)

S. McNeff: Gentle Giant (2016)

We are looking for possible partnerships in European Union for further opera productions in 2018 or later. We are particularly interested in companies that produce contemporary chamber operas. Slovenian Chamber Music Theatre engages also young talented artists (musicians, singers, directors, conductors, composers ... ). With our productions for children, we are trying to acquire new audience. We are working with Slovenian composers and they write new operas for our company.

We do not have any experience with European grants yet so we are also looking for more experienced companies.

We do not have our own stage – we make co-productions with many Slovenian concert houses and operas – such as: Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, SNT Opera and ballet Ljubljana, SNT Maribor, Festival Velenje ...

Contact :,; 0038641807104 – Katja Konvalink

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Stowarzyszenie Legalna Muzyka 2016 Stowarzyszenie Legalna Muzyka - Association Legal Music (Poland) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région : Pomerania

Pays : Poland / Pologne

Secteur : Music - visual arts - danse

Stowarzyszenie Legalna Muzyka (Association Legal Music) is a non-governmental organization which brings culture to the Pomeranian region of Poland. We organize festivals, concerts, cultural events. We have experience in the production and organization Soundrive Festival (since 2012), the biggest alternative festival in Pomerania Region, held in  industrial, historical area – Gdańsk Shipyard.

We would like to broaden our activity and cooperate with other organizations from all over the Europe.

Main idea of our project is to engage international artists involved in a various fields of art to cooperate around the theme of jazz and improvisation. Project aim is to create artistic events such as concerts, spectacles and other, in order to raise the audience’s awareness of the boundlessness of art.  The goal of work is to allow the artists to share their experiences and to help European audience to grow. Artistic events will be carried out in Poland as well as in a partner's countries. The projects will have an intertextual form – combining jazz and improvisation with other forms of art.

Project will be held on Browar Gdański Kulturalny (Cultural Gdańsk Brewery). This is a unique project of revitalisation and adaptation of the extraordinary space located in the historical cellars and Browar Gdański (Gdańsk Brewery’s) buildings.

Contact :

Association Legal Music

Bohaterów Monte Cassino 54
Sopot, Poland

Agnieszka Labenz

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Strzelecki Ośrodek Kultury 2016 Strzelecki Ośrodek Kultury (Poland) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Poland / Pologne

Secteur : Creation / Création

We are House of Culture in Poland. We gather people from different fields of art, like dance, music, brass orchestra, bands, theatre, film, folk dance group, etc.
Our aim is to develop local talents and make possible to  confront with international artists, make contact and  acquire new skills especially in such comfortable conditions. Exchange of experience, skills and integration would bring good influence on creativity and diversity of artistic programs and would yield mutual gains.

We would like to do a common workshops based on any cultural field (dance, music etc.) and create international music and dancing festivals with among others  your artistic group. So, we are looking for any partners from cultural fields.

Contact : Renata

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Studio L – Georgie 2016 Studio L - Georgie Europe Créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Georgie

Secteur : Architecture, Patrimoine

Studio L was founded in 2014 by architects Levan and Lena Kiladzes. Both working more than 15 years on international architectural projects. Studio L besides architectural design and research practices interactive and educational architectural projects, organizes architectural exhibitions and workshops. Cooperating with UNS, Pratt Institute, as well as US and Netherlands embassies and lots of other international studios and funds

Tbilisi architectural Biennale (“Searching for Identity”-working title) aims to initiate an interactive dialogue between architects, urban planners, designers, critics, researchers, historians and students. Tbilisi Biennale is about promoting architecture and built environment through exhibitions, collateral events, spatial projects, lecture-seminars, panel discussions, workshops, educational activities, forums, etc. Architectural Biennale will become the first precedential event in the region that aims to connect people to places and transform and share their knowledge and ideas. It’s about understanding and imagining the future of our cities through the environment we choose to plan, design and construct around us, search an identity in this globalized world and connect tradition with innovation. It will become the hub for experienced, emerging and young architects and designers to exchange their experiences, knowledge and ideas. In addition, Biennale in the region will encourage better understanding of the role of architecture in achieving a healthy, sustainable and culturally rich built environment raising quality of life.

Contact :

3/5 Tabidze str, Tel :995 32 2 397174

Cell: 995 599 901234


Technical Museum 2016 Technical Museum (Czech Republic) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Czech Republic / République Tchèque

Secteur : Music, Heritage, Interdisciplinary

Propagation of forgotten craft

Meeting of barrel organists from other countries, exchange of experiences, link between their customs

Preserving of heritage, remind it to the public and attract people

Popularize barrel organists like a busking and connect it with other street performances - alternative music, puppet theatre, juggling and so on.

Contacts : Mgr. Petr Nekuža - Mgr. Terezie Panáková

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The Modern Poland Foundation 2016 The Modern Poland Foundation (Poland) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Poland / Pologne

Secteur : Heritage / Festival / Literature/ Interdisciplinary projects / Audience development

Short description In the times of digital media, freedom of speech and freedom of communication need special support and protection. We believe that only free culture is worth our effort. Users’ rights are the foundation of democracy and the public domain should be a rule to which information monopolies are an exception.

Freedom of communication is only possible when citizens use free tools to control the flow of information, have media and information competences and have access to free knowledge. Therefore we build open educational resources, develop free digitalization technologies and effectively influence public policies in the field of exclusive rights.

We built the most popular Polish free online library which has already gained the audience of 3,8 million users per year. Since its launch we have published over 4300 literary texts. We constantly develop tools for digitalizing and releasing books in various formats: XML, HTML, PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2 and via mobile applications, OPDS catalog, OAI-PMH protocol and open API. We developed web software for publishing fully semantic educational materials and an editing platform to prepare them for release. All of the software is freely available under the GNU AGPL licence.

We prepared a catalogue of media and information literacy competences approved by the Polish National Commission for UNESCO as a significant input into the Information For All international program. On its basis we continue working on a complete set of educational materials for students of all ages. Our goal is to popularize the media and information education among students and teachers by organizing a national knowledge contest.

We help citizens understand copyright and free licences application by developing an information website, publishing guidelines and providing legal helpdesk. We organize copyright trainings attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations, public institutions, businesses as well as artists and students. We conduct social campaigns aiming at making citizens aware of their rights as active culture users.

We publish texts (including translations) that are crucial to the debate on the shape and changes of the copyright law as well as on methods of finansing culture (i.e. Philippe Aigrain, Eben Moglen).

The Modern Poland Foundation was one of the leading organizations that publicly supported users’ rights during the Polish protests against ACTA in 2012. In the last years we took part in a few dozen social consultations and governmental workshop meetings. As a result, we affected the final shape of the reuse of public sector information act in Poland, we influenced the creation and development of the governmental free e-textbooks program entitled Digital School (available under the free licence CC-BY) and we co-created the Culture Pact signed by Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

By organizing the CopyCamp conference we highlight the need of discussion on copyright and related subjects and we enable presentation of various points of view on the matter. We conduct a crowd-founded international Future of Copyright contest for the best literary pieces on the future of the copyright law.

Within the frames of the Coalition for Open Education we promote the Polish Open Educational Resources. We systematically work on maintaining the solid public domain in Poland by promoting the Public Domain Fund and co-organizing the annual Public Domain Day.

Contact details The Modern Poland Foundation

ul. Marszałkowska 84/92 lok. 125
tel. 00 48 (22) 621-30-17

Paulina Choromańska



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The New Theatre of the Disabled 2016 The New Theatre of the Disabled (Lithuania) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Culture / Culture Coopération / Cooperation

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Lithuania / Lituanie

Secteur : Performing arts / Spectacle vivant

The New Theatre was established in 2008. The New Theatre is the first of its kind in Lithuania, independent and aspiring to professional theatre-making. It is a theatre for people with disabilities and people from various social groups: healthy and disabled, professional and amateur artists together create theatre performances. Over the course of seven years the New Theatre has presented thirteen performances to an audience of adults and children.

The New Theatre is developed as a social enterprise of disabled persons with multiple departments: artistic part, administration, management and projects group. We currently employ 35 people (in the 21-70 age range), 32 of which have a disability (blindness, poor vision, wheel chair, physical and mental disabilities), they receive remuneration each month.

The New Theatre shows its productions all over Lithuania (professional state theatres, culture centers, schools, pre-schools institutions, cultural events). The New Theatre is not attached to a permanent troupe or only one artistic director, by means of different theatre forms and methods the Theatre offers a wide and diverse range of performance genres (puppet shows, clownade, meditative reading, poetry, table theatre, drama, comedy, tragicomedy, vaudeville, etc.).

The New Theatre also works with volunteers (mainly young people, pupils and students) and provides theatre skills training.

In the year 2016, The New Theatre in Lithuania was awarded with two important nominations: “Breaking Down the Walls” and “Heroes Among Us” from the President of the Republic and Ministry of Social Security and Labor.

Contact : Monika Nemanytė - Project coordinator, Contact person (English, French)-  Mob.(+370) 6110 2020

Administrator (Russian) Mob. (+370) 6077 0313

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Vantaa City Library – Helsinki 2016 Vantaa City Library Europe créative Culture Coopération

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Helsinki

Secteur : Livre et lecture

Vantaa is one of the four Helsinki metropolitan cities and has ten libraries, two of which also serve as self-service libraries. In addition, two bookmobiles visit schools, day-care centers and areas that have no local library of their own. Vantaa city library strives to develop its library services to meet the demanding needs of the metropolitan population.

Project :

Description As all well know, lots of valuable works fall annoyingly outside the traditional publishing field just because they are not selling enough to make profits for publishing companies. Libraries, which are a traditional part of distribution chain of books, are forced to cut down their services (through cutbacks in the number of qualified staff as well as acquisition) while they should instead support their local communities in storytelling and

orderly dissemination of knowledge. Clearly variety ways of publishing and the versatile infrastructure of libraries do not meet. Both problems can be solved creatively by broadening the scope of libraries to more multidisciplinary fora of literary culture.


What is the Idea Behind the Service?

The basic idea in the project is to co-create a model for libraries in setting up a literature editor office to serve various types of writers in the library. The aim is to make better use of the already existing information skills and infrastructure and thus broaden the scope of libraries from lending to production. Unlike traditional library services that deals mostly with titles, the publishing service would focus on contents by editing, evaluating, and submitting manuscripts. It would guide the author and submit the work to the e-library and, if needed, publish it as a printed book. The publications would finally build up the

local e-libraries which could be shared with other libraries. This means curating the library collections to meet better the wide field of local storytelling.


Who is the Service Intended for?

It is intended for all individuals or groups, whose works do not fit the publishing programs of commercial publisher, and who would for that reason be left on their own with their work. It fits also to so called “grey literature” of the community. It is an alternative to author’s editions when the writer wants a permanent and long-term access to his/her work through library collections. Also it would greatly serve the local literature and so be a enricher for local culture.


Why is the Service Worth Doing?

With this service the library would produce new functionality in the library spaces and thus contribute to the continuation and development of libraries as literary arenas. Libraries are already active in promoting reading and literacy skills. Publishing works as a glue that connects the literacy and storytelling reducing effectively the number of people with low literacy skills and increasing the social integration in the community. The service

would allow the creative authors' economic development whenever the work proves to be popular. Library offers a large reading audience for every work. Literary events based on the activities of the publication service could also develop libraries as arena for wider literary discussion and debate. With this service the library could also take care of pluralism and multicultural without losing its focus on literature. The final tested service is

easily distributable to any kind of libraries.


How We Would Realize This Service?

There are several methods of implementing a publishing service in a library. The best and most effective practices should be chosen by comparing and evaluating existing skills and tools as well as opportunities and willingness in every partner library. We know that our project partners already have elements for the service and capacity to develop more. In order to ensure interoperability of the cooperating partners, practices will be necessary to harmonize them. Thanks to the consistent standards and practices of the worldwide library community, this is feasible. After models have been tested, in addition to on-line

service, the on-site service will be brought in the library space. The required IT tools for authors and editors will be put available. Editors will be guiding the writers by searching

for the best solution for text and its style according to its readership. There will be also a model for publishing contract available defining the rights and obligations of both sides.

Libraries store the e-books in public/shared e-book collection, that can be linked to other similar collections.

Contact :

Project coordinator: Mr. Jukka Pennanen ,

Director of Library Services, City of Vantaa: Mr. Mikko Vainio

Partnership manager: Ms. Katariina Ervasti







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You Are Here – Platform média (Archivé) 2016 You Are Here Platform média (Hungary) Europe Créative / Creative Europe Cross sectoral / Trans sectoriel Support to integration refugees / Soutien à l'intégration des réfugiés

Financement Européen Obtenu :

Région :

Pays : Hungary / Hongrie

Secteur : Multimedia / Multimédia

‘You Are Here’ is the name of a participatory multimedia art project and a multi-layered cultural campaign aiming at the social inclusion of migrants and a better understanding of their cultural and personal background through the development of collective art products, community building and information sharing.


The project aims at initiating a campaign by which the artworld contributes to the social recognition and inclusion of migrants by effectively involving them into a collaborative exercise the purpose of which is to create artistic multimedia products reflecting on their experiences that would appeal to a larger audience. In this way, through the medium of the visual arts and the establishments of new contacts, the project would provide opportunities for the active social participation of migrants and intensify their acceptance by the broader public.

A central element of the project is the creation and inhabiting of an imagined city, in the form of a multimedia website, that will serve as a repository of the participants’ stories and ideas and also as a surface to communicate these personal experiences to outsiders. This virtual city will be designed by the migrants themselves in a process facilitated by professional media artists and filmmakers. The site will contain memories the migrants have brought with themselves, visual recordings of their present lives, and their ideas regarding the near future. At start, the focus will be on how participants envision their next 2 years - where they will live, what they will do, how and in what forums they will interact with society. In this way, the city m ap will also map out the integration related expectations of participants.

The map will be published on different media platforms, like a community multimedia website, along with individual spots about the participants and the artwork generated in the course of the project. Thus the map will provide an entry point to the virtual city where one can wander accompanying migrants to see how his/her world is seen by others. In the last phase of the project, the integration related expectations of migrants will be revisited and reflected upon by the participants themselves. The results of this kind of personal review of the success of individual integration trajectories, contrasting their previous expectations with actual realities, will also be posted on the map, allowing the audience to better understand the stakes and conditions of soci al integration from an expressly personal point of view.

The concept of the project has been developed by professionals in social scientific research and multimedia artistic enterprises. In connecting these two fields of expertise, the main goal of the project is to dissolve and counteract widely shared stereotyping and prejudistic perceptions of migrants that enclose them in culturalist and often racist clichés, offering, instead, very personal accounts of the way in which they try to establish themselves in a new social context.

Drawing on the extensive fieldwork experiences of the initiators of the project, the best ways will be sought to address and involve participants/refugees to share their personal opinions and feelings by non-intrusive means, in a safe environment determined by partner relationships and common understandings that develop organically in the process of collective creative exercise.

Relying on their previous experiences, the developers of the concept envision target groups, media surfaces and creative contents being harmonized during the creative process. The use of multiple media will guarantee the reaching of a diverse audience, adjusting the key information clusters to their particular media consumption habits.


  1. In the course of working together with migrants, information will be collected regarding their background and journey to Europe, their everyday lives and, especially, their expectations regarding their new place to live. This will be done in three ways:
  1. in creative workshops where, under the guidance of experts in intercultural communication, participants will together create a map of an imagined European city;
  2. by interviewing migrants individually regarding their past and future expectations.
  3. by asking participants to record anything about their everyday lives and family events that they feel like showing to the outside world.
  1. The collected materials will be then presented to artists who, with the active participation of the migrants, will develop various artworks - films, paintings, multimedia installations, performances, films, etc. - using these documents.
  2. The results of the collaborative work of migrants and artists will be presented to a larger audience, in the form of screenings, media presentations, exhibitions, concerts and open discussions during a festival that will be the closing event of the project.

The project’s media sites and products (Platforms)

Platform 1: City map

The project’s new media site will take the form of the interactive map of a virtual city designed by the participants based on participatory art practices such as collaborative art and participatory filmmaking and storytelling.

Output: multimedia website which develops during the whole project, containing general and specific information about and for migrant from migrants, also available for interested outsiders. The site will display information on the integration related expectations and experiences of refugees as well as supporting services and organizations responding to their particular needs.

The multimedia site with the virtual city map will serve 3 functions:

- source of information for project participants as well as outsiders;

- documentary archive and a tool for tracing the project and making it transparent

- interactive surface allowing for the development of an online community and its expansion indefinitely.

Platform 2: Film documentaries

Bringing together famous Hungarian film makers and video artists, film documentaries will be created and distributed on television and by online media. These films allow viewers personally experience the individual life stories of migrants. In conveying information targeting the audience using professional artistic means, a positive change of attitudes is sought with respect to refugees.

Platform 3: Documentary art exhibition

The exhibition will present work of art created with the involvement of contemporary Hungarian artists drawing on experiences obtained from migrants in the course of the project. Not only direct artistic reflections on the themes of the project will be exhibited but also works showing the unfolding of the project, providing a model of participatory art enterprises

Platform 4:  Festival

The closing event of the project is a festival to be organized at A38 Ship Concert Hall and Cultural center will consist in presentations and professional discussion of the project, followed by a variety of cultural programs: opening of the exhibition, screenings, performances, concerts.

The closing event of the project will present the experiences of the migrants from their own points of view, through document based artwork facilitated and mediatized by artists. The main point of the festival is to attract the broadest possible audience by targeting its subgroups by means of different media. The aim is to reach newly arrived migrants living in immigration reception centers, just like young people growing up on community media channels, or members of the high society, that is, a wide range of people of different social statuses and cultural consumption habits.

A38 as a high profile producer and presenter of artwork, with a vast experience and knowhow in managing cultural programs and a socially committed concept of business and marketing, guarantees that the project will make a significant impact.

We are seeking partners who:

* are interested in the connection of culture and societal engagement

* have experience with large scale cultural projects

* have experience in working with migrants and other marginalized groups of society

* have strong connections with their cities, meaning interaction with and visibility among locals

* have good public relations, media and telecommunication connections.

Soós Kata +36-20-373-7762 - skype: katasooska